Diary July 5, 1917

High Seas Fleet in Wilhelmshaven
A squadron of the German High Seas Fleet in Wilhelmshaven.
World War One Diary for Thursday, July 5, 1917:

Sea War

Germany: Hunger and coaling strike by ratings beginning with High Seas Fleet flagship secures the establishment of food supervisory committees aboard most ships during July.

Western Front

Flanders: Slight British advance south of Ypres. Artillery duels on the Aisne and in Champagne.

Middle East

Arabia: Lawrence confronts 300 Turks from Aqaba who reject two surrender summons.
South Persia – Action at Kafta (north of Shiraz): 250 British soldiers defeat 500 tribesmen and storm fort.

Home Fronts

France: Bonnet Rouge editor arrested, paper suspended on July 12.
Russia: Reval naval base ‘Death Battalion’ leaves for front.

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