Diary July 7, 1940

HMS Hermes
British aircraft carrier ‘Hermes’, a tiny carrier (10,850 tons, 20 aircraft) by modern standards, but a pace-setter in her day (commissioned 1923).
Diary for Sunday, July 7, 1940:

Sea War

Atlantic: British naval forces disable battleship Richelieu at Dakar, following French rejection of ultimatum: motor launch drops depth charges under battleship’s stern and six Swordfish aircraft from carrier Hermes score one torpedo hit.
Mediterranean: French naval squadron at Alexandria interned and demobilized by amicable agreement between British and French administrations (it includes old battleship Lorraine and four cruisers).
Italy waives article of June 24 Armistice which ordered demilitarization of French naval bases.

Air War

11 Italian SM-81 bombers (2 lost) raid Alexandria (night July 7-8).

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