Diary June 14, 1944

B-29 in front of Mount Fuji
This later pic shows B-29 in front of Mount Fuji.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, June 14, 1944:

Air War

Pacific – FIRST B-29 Superfortress RAID ON JAPAN: 48 planes (4 lost) carry out ineffective night attack on Yawata iron and steel works from bases in China.
Western Europe: In heavy raids on Le Havre and Boulogne (nights June 14-15 and 15-16) 600 Avro Lancaster bombers sink 49 light naval craft; including 3 Torpedo boats and 14 E-boats.

Sea War

Pacific: 7 old US battleships bombard Saipan, which is then invaded by 5th Amphibious Corps (night June 14-15).

Eastern Front

Northern Sector: Russians break through ‘VT Line’ at village of Kuuterselka. Sole Finnish armored division counter-attacks (night June 14-15) and briefly recaptures heights near village, but Russians recapture them next morning.

Occupied Territories

France: De Gaulle appoints administrators for liberated areas.

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