Diary June 17, 1942

British PoWs North Africa
A large number of British soldiers were catched during the retreat of the 8th Army. Sand and sun make the march even more unpleasant.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, June 17, 1942:


Western Desert: British 8th Army withdraws east of Tobruk.

Sea War

Destroyer Wild Swan shoots down 6 of 12 German bombers. She is crippled and finally sinks after colliding with a Spanish trawler.

Secret War

Turkey: Kornilov and Pavlov (2 NKVD agents) sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment at Ankara for attempted assassination of von Papen (see February 24, 1942).


USA: Churchill makes 27-hour non-stop flight from Stranraer (Scotland) to Washington to confer with Roosevelt.

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