Diary June 20, 1944

Japanese ships battle of the Philippine Sea
Japanese ships try to dodge the attack of US planes during the battle of the Philippine Sea.
WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, June 20, 1944:

Sea War

Pacific – Battle of Philippine Sea: Vice-Admiral Mitscher launches 216 planes at extreme range and surprises Ozawa’s fleet refuelling. Japanese carrier Hiyo sunk; carriers Zuikaku, Chiyoda and battleship Haruna damaged. 20 US planes shot down; 72 others lost during long return flight after dark.

Eastern Front

Northern Sector: Viipuri captured by Russians. Russian 32nd Army attacks Finns north of lake Onega.

Western Front

Normandy: Americans besiege Cherbourg.

Occupied Territories

Belorussian: Partisans in Byelorussia launch devastating 3-day campaign against rail communications of German Army Group Centre.


Italy: Perugia captured by British 8th Army.

Supremacy 1914

Air War

First big raid on Germany since preparations for D-Day: 1,500 USAAF bombers attacking Fallersleben, Hamburg, Magedburg and Ostermoor and dropping 4,252t of bombs.

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