Diary June 25, 1918

funeral us soldiers
An American priest at the funeral of twelve killed US soldiers.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, June 25, 1918:

Western Front

MarneBattle of Belleau Wood ends: US 2nd Division and US 4th Marine Brigade (5,200 casualties) capture objective 5 miles west of Chateau-Thierry.

Air War

Germany: Karlsruhe bombed by DH9s (1 lost, forced landing) of No 104 squadron; many houses and workshops damaged. 1 aircraft hit by flak and lost; 2 fighters shot down; 5 Handley Pages damage permanent way at Metz-Sablon.
Western Front: ­Fonck destroys 3 German aircraft out of 7 lost today.

Home Fronts

USA: First of 45 Japan-built ships arrives. Now 5,810 US Army dentists, 58 at outset.
Britain: General Smith-Dorrien Gouverneur of Gibraltar.

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