Diary June 28, 1942

German engineers clearing a mine field
German engineers clearing a mine field under protection of a Panzer 3 in the first hour of the Axis summer offensive near Kursk in Russia.
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, June 28, 1942:

Eastern Front

Siege of Sebastopol: Germans establish bridgehead on south shore of North Bay, directly threatening Sebastopol city (night June 28-29).
AXIS SUMMER OFFENSIVE (Operation Blau = ‘Blue’) begins on southern front, with 100 divisions (50 German, 9 Italian, 27 Rumanian, 13 Hungarian and 1 Slovak) supported by 1,500 aircraft. Russians have 120 divisions. German 2nd Army and 4th Pz Army drive east from Kursk towards Voronezh.

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