Diary June 29, 1918

 Serbian infantrymen in Salonika in 1918
Two Serbian infantrymen in Salonika in 1918, wearing US M1902 khaki field tunic with Serbian field caps. They have French leather equipment and carry 8mm Lebel 86/93 rifles.
World War One Diary for Saturday, June 29, 1918:

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Franchet d’Esperey visits Serb front with Crown Prince and Field Marshal Misic and decides Serbs will have the main role in future offensive with 2 French divisions attached.
Trentino: Italian Sixth Army recaptures (until June 30) Mt Val bella, Cols del Rosso and d’Echele with 2,087 PoWs, 8 guns and 82 MGs.

Eastern Front

East Siberia: 15,000 Czechs overthrow Vladivostok Soviet.

Middle East

Azerbaijan: Azeri Tartars with Turk troops attack and defeat 8 Armenian battalions (800 casualties) on heights east of Gök-cay (until June 30).


France: Government recognizes Czech right to independence and National Council as Allied government (Italy also on June 30); President Poincare presents flag to first Czech unit (21st Regiment) on Western Front at Darney (Vosges, June 30).
Germany: Vienna ambassador urges press campaign to prepare for German intervention against Austria’s collapse.

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