Diary June 3, 1917

Loading British gas projectors
Loading British gas projectors. The efficacy of the weapon depended on which way the wind blew.

World War One Diary for Sunday, June 3, 1917:

Western Front

Artois: After 600-projector gas barrage Canadian 10th Brigade (over 550 casualties) captures 100 PoWs but cannot hold La Goulette south of river Souchez (until June 25) and Lens.
Flanders: British artillery at Messines begin feint creeping barrage (and on June 5), drawing German guns for counter-battery retaliation.
Aisne: 5 German Chemin des Dames attacks repelled, another near Hurtebise fails on June 5.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Falkenhayn reports offensive against Baghdad feasible.
Arabia: Lawrence leaves Nebk (with two local guides) to sound Syria A tribes (until June 16), blows bridge on Aleppo-Damascus railway near Baalbek, apparently meets Turk Damascus commandant (highest-ranking Arab General Ali Riza Rikabi) outside city.


Italy: Government proclaims protectorate over Albania.

Sea War

U-boat sinks Uruguayan ship Rosario.

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