Diary June 4, 1916

Russian troops advance Brusilov offensive
Russian troops advance through barbed wire under fire during the opening moves of the Brusilov offensive.
Diary for Sunday, June 4, 1916:

Eastern Front

BRUSILOV OFFENSIVE (until October 17) begins on 200-mile front with 1,938-gun shelling at 0400 hours. Russian Eleventh and Ninth Armies take 26,000 PoWs and more than 14 guns.

Western Front

Verdun: Fresh German attack at Fort Vaux which sends back c.100 men to save water and supplies and last carrier pigeon. Vosges: 3 lines of French Casspach trenches taken and retaken.

Sea War

Adriatic: Italian submarine Atropo sinks Austrian Lloyd SS Albanien (1,122t) without warning. French flotilla pursuing two U-boats believed to be homeward bound for Cattaro stop at Otranto Barrage patrol boundary and leave 2 Italian destroyers to continue pursuit.
North Sea: 3 German destroyers north of Zeebrugge briefly engage British ones.

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