Diary June 5, 1944

 railway junction of Amiens in France on June 5, 1944
Like the railway junction of Amiens in France on June 5, 1944, almost all traffic installations between Cherbourg and the Pas de Calais look like at this time.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, June 5, 1944:

Air War

Western Europe – ‘Transportation Plan’: In preparation for D-Day, Allied Air Forces have flown 200,000 sorties delivering 200,000 t bombs in only 2 months (200 planes lost). French railway system virtually immobilized; all bridges over river Seine, between Paris and the Channel, destroyed; coastal radar chain disrupted. Final strike is saturation bombing (5,267 t) of 10 coastal batteries by 1,136 RAF heavy bombers (night June 5-6).
Allied airborne invasion of Normandy (night June 5-6): US 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions land in South Cotentin Peninsular; British 6th Airborne Division lands near Caen.
Operation Taxable: 5 RAF Bomber Command squadrons and 18 naval vessels carry out diversionary operations in Pas de Calais area.


Italy: King Victor Emmanuel cedes power to son Umberto as Lieutenant-General of Realm.

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