Diary June 7, 1916

aerial pic Fort Vaux
Despite the enormous weight of fire directed at Fort Vaux, the fort’s structure survived, the garrison only surrendering when their water ran out.
Diary for Wednesday, June 7, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun – FALL OF FORT VAUX for 2,678 German casualties to 50th Division after heroic 5-day defence by Major Raynal’s 600 men. Crown Prince congratulates Raynal and returns his sword. Two French officers shot for cowardice.

Eastern Front

Brusilov offensive – Pripet: Kaledin recaptures Lutsk (Austrian Fourth Army HQ) thanks to Denikin‘s 4th (‘Iron’) Rifle Division; claims 50,000 PoWs and 77 guns; crosses river Styr in pursuit and retakes Dubno on June 9.

Middle East

Arab Revolt: Sherif proclaims Hejaz’s independence.

African Fronts

East Africa: Smuts resumes main advance on Handeni (90 miles marched by June 24).

Sea War

Adriatic: 2 Italian MAS boats torpedo Austrian SS Locrum in Durazzo harbour (night June 7-8), SS Sarajevo likewise sunk (night June 25-26).

Home Fronts

Germany: Leipzig paper on Kitchener’s death: ‘It is as if our Hindenburg were taken from us, nay worse’.

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