Diary June 7, 1918

Armored train of the Czech Legion
Armored train of the Czech Legion in Siberia.
World War One Diary for Friday, June 7, 1918:

Eastern Front

USSR: First Congress of Red Military Commissars.
Northern Russia: 250 Royal Marines land at Kern on White Sea. Lenin orders Murmansk Soviet to oppose Allies.
Siberia: Czechs occupy Omsk.
Don: By now Germans have occupied Bataisk south of Rostov.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Most of first 36 US submarine chasers arrive with tender Leonidas at Corfu, having crossed Atlantic under own power. First hunt until June 9 of 37 hunts; Commander believes 19 kills achieved, actually none.

Air War

Germany: 13 DHs attack rail targets at Conz and Thionville; No 55 Squadron unable to reach primary target (Koblenz clouded over), as on June 8 and 13.

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