Diary March 14, 1916

Rolls-Royce Admirality Pattern armored car
The Rolls-Royce Admirality Pattern armored car was one of the most successfull designs and was still in service at the beginning of WW2 in Africa and Far East.
Diary for Tuesday, March 14, 1916:

African Fronts

Western Desert – Major-General Peyton reoccupies Sollum: 10 armoured cars storm Senussi camp 20 miles in the west, take 3 guns, 9 MGs and 40 PoWs including Turk officers. 9 armored cars rescue 97 mainly Royal Navy PoWs, c.115 miles east of Sollum on March 17.
East Africa: Deventer’s South African Mounted Brigade occupy Moshi and contact 1st Division which has advanced 60 miles.

Western Front

Verdun: French repulse heavy attack between Bethincourt and Cumieres after German shelling since March 12, but Germans gain foothold on Mort Homme lower ridge (Hill 295). French success there following day.

Oval@3x 2

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