Diary March 17, 1918

German 10.5 cm light field howitzers 16
German 10.5 cm light field howitzers 16 at the acceptance by the army administration.
World War One Diary for Sunday, march 17, 1918:

Western Front

Britain: Two German deserters tell BEF XVIII Corps to expect 6-hour barrage, but no date.

Eastern Front

Ukraine: Kosch’s German LII Corps (from Dobruja) occupies Nikolayev, hold all west of Dnieper including Kherson (March 20), advance continues (until March 29).

Sea War

Black Sea: German occupation of Nikolayev gains ships building including 1 dread­nought, 3 cruisers, 4 destroy­ers, 2 gunboats and 3 submarines.

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