Diary March 28, 1916

British Stokes mortar
The British Stokes mortar could be easily moved by its crew.
Diary for Tuesday, March 28, 1916:

Western Front

Flanders: Haig writes ‘all reports agree as to the efficiency of the 3-in Stokes mortar’.

Eastern Front

Galicia: Russian success north of Bojan.

Middle East

Egypt: II Anzac Corps formed for Western Front (General Birdwood with staff sails on March 30).
Herbert and Storrs of Arab Bureau sail for Basra in cruiser Euryalus (arriving April 9).

Sea War

Black Sea: Russian torpedo boats sink 10 Turk vessels and destroy munition depot.

Air War

Britain: Under-Secretary for War H J Tennant defends Royal Aircraft Factory: ‘We do not produce quantities (of aircraft and aero engines) there, and it is not a manufacturing plant’. Critics demand to know why then Factory employs 3,000 skilled workmen.


Russo-Chinese Agreement for former to build 460-mile Manchurian railway.

Home Fronts

Germany: Reichstag Conservatives vote for immediate unrestricted U-boat warfare.

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