Diary March 28, 1918

end in the barbed wire
The end in the barbed wire – fallen German soldier in a Cheval de frise.
World War One Diary for Thursday, March 28, 1918:

Western Front

USA: Pershing places AEF units at Foch’s disposal.
Artois – FOURTH BATTLE OF ARRAS: Ludendorffs Operation Mars fails bloodily with 9 divisions against 4 to clear northern flank of his ‘bulge’ against British Third Army and Arras itself. Local German attacks towards Amiens gain 3 miles; Germans take Hamel, Mezieres and Demuin, but fail to cut off XIX Corps’ retreat from Rosieres. At 1630 hours Rawlinson replaces Gough (recalled). French counter-attacks recapture 3 villages. Ludendorff orders completion of prepara­tions for reduced Flanders Operation Georgette. In the estimated 8-10 days before (actually 12 days) he orders all efforts be made to secure Amiens. King visits BEF until March 30.

Air War

Western Front: Royal Flying Corps lose 58 planes in low-level operations (7 German planes shot down) dropping 40t bombs and firing 242,000 rounds.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: British armoured cars capture Ana, its radio station and drive 73 miles beyond until March 29.

Sea War

Atlantic: Submarine-cruiser U-157 investigates Spanish liner Infanta Isabel de Bourbon.

Oval@3x 2

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