Diary March 7, 1917

 Gotha Bomber Squadron
A Gotha Bomber Squadron on its base.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, March 7, 1917:

Air War

Occupied Belgium: New German Gotha bomber base of Scheldewindeke operational south of Ghent.
Britain: 11 home air defence squadrons have 147 aircraft instead of 222 establishment and 113 pilots of 198. Field Marshal French orders no anti-aircraft gun firing at hostile planes (until June 7) except in specific coastal defences; crews reduced to send men to France.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: British fail to cross river Diyala but cross Tigris to southern bank by steamer (bridged on March 8).

Sea War

Austria: C-in-C Njegovan urges hastened U-boat and MTB construction.
North Sea: Royal Navy CMBs torpedo German destroyer leaving Zeebrugge during air raid.
Black Sea: ­Russian submarine Kashalot sinks 8 Turk sailing coasters and 3 tugs east of Bosphorus.

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