Diary March 7, 1918

Five-engined Zeppelin Staaken 'Giant' bomber
Five-engined Zeppelin Staaken ‘Giant’ bomber.
World War One Diary for Thursday, March 7, 1918:

Air War

Britain: 3 of 6 ‘Giant’ bombers sent attack London (63 casualties, 25 houses destroyed, night March 7-8) in moonless conditions; second 2,204lb bomb employed. 42 defence sorties killed 2 pilots in collision, no sightings.
Occupied Belgium: Scheldewindeke Giant bomber base opens south of Ghent, probably first airfield with paved runways.

Eastern Front

Germany: Hindenburg persuades Kaiser invading Finland ‘healthy pressure’ on Reds. Hoffman diary ‘Our Bolshevik friends are now beginning to destroy the railways’.

Home Fronts

Britain: Commons votes record £600 million war credit. Estimated daily cost per day £6.75 million.
USA­: Wilson authorizes bronze Army medal DSM.

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