Diary May 11, 1917

Germans arrested by the New York police
Some German citizens living in the USA are arrested by the New York police.
World War One Diary for Friday, May 11, 1917:

Home Fronts

USA: Only 125 aliens arrested since 6 April.
France: 10,000 Paris clothing workers strike (until May 23) against living costs.
Britain: Appeal for men of 41-50 to volunteer, also coal economy.

Western Front

Artois: Canadian 44th Brigade regains 300 yds of trenches west of Avion and holds it against repeated German 80th Reserve Division counter-attacks. British attack astride Scarpe captures Roeux (German division fails to retake it until May 14), British cavalry the Farm and Chemical Works.

Eastern Front

Western Russia: German officers visit General Dragomirov’s North Front HQ at Dvinsk at his soldiers’ request but with little result. Prince Leopold’s follow-up letter suggesting armistice made a German leaflet (May 29).

Sea War

Black Sea: Successful Russian submarine Morzh sails on last patrol, mined or sunk by air attack off Bosphorus.
Baltic: Russian Baltic Fleet Central committee meets as ‘Centrobalt’ at Helsinki.

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