Diary May 18, 1940

General Guderian commanding from his half-truck
General Guderian, the leading German ‘Panzer General’, commanding from his half-truck in France.
Diary for Saturday, May 18, 1940:

Western Front

Guderian‘s tanks reach Peronne, on river Somme. Hoth’s tanks reach Cambrai (scene of first British tank attack in 1917). Germans capture Antwerp.

Sea War

Heavy bomb penetrates battleship Resolution during Ju 88 raids over Narvik area.

Air War

Germans raid Dieppe (night May 18-19).

Home Fronts

France: Cabinet reshuffle. Prime Minister Reynaud takes over Defense Ministry, Daladier becomes Foreign Minister, Marshal Petain returns from Madrid to become Vice-Premier, Mandel to Ministry of the Interior.

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