Diary May 24, 1945

Japanese suicide squad
The bodies of two paratroopers of the Japanese 1st Raiding Brigade who attempted an air landed raid on Yontan Airfield. The wreckage of aircraft they destroyed with demolitions and grenades litter the area. They managed to destroy 8 fighters and damage 24.
Diary for Thursday, May 24, 1945:


9 Japanese bomber-transports approach the island (8 lost); survivor crash­-lands 12-man suicide squad on Yontan airfield, which destroys 8 planes, petrol and ammunition dumps before being overwhelmed.
Japanese counter-attack on Oboe Hill.

New Guinea

Australians encircle Wewak, last Japanese coastal stronghold.

Occupied countries

Austria: Suicide of Field Marshal von Greim, last C-in-C of Luftwaffe; aged 50 in hospital at Salzburg.

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