Diary May 29, 1919

Admiral Horthy on his entry into Budapest
Admiral Horthy on his entry into Budapest in November 1919 after the defeat of the Hungarian Soviet Republic and the withdrawal of the Romanian occupation forces from the city.
World War One Diary for Thursday, May 29, 1919:

Hungary­: Anti-Soviet rising in southwest suppressed (until June 2). General Szombathelyi joins anti-Soviet government (C-in-C Admiral Horthy) at Arad.
France – Peace Process: 7th Plenary Session receives incomplete draft Austrian Treaty. Allies offer Italy, Brenner Pass frontier better than in 1915 Treaty. German counter­-proposals to Allies include RM 100 billion reparations; Alsace­-Lorraine plebiscite; fixed coal supply to France for Saar’s retention; colonies to go to arbitration; occupation armies to leave 6 months after Peace Treaty signed.
Germany­: Naval war losses published.
Russia: Lenin tells Eastern Front commissars ‘If before winter we do not take the Urals I consider that the defeat of the Revolution will be inevitable’.
Baltic: Royal Navy submarine L16 misses Soviet destroyer Azard, but Estonian plane damages minesweeper forcing Reds back into Kronstadt.

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