Diary May 3, 1917

British Mark IV tank
The new British Mark IV tank has been in operation since March 1917 and its 12 mm reinforced armor can no longer be penetrated by armor piercing bullets from the German infantry weapons.
World War One Diary for Thursday, May 3, 1917:

Western Front

Artois – Third Battle of the Scarpe (until May 4): British attack on 16-mile front east of Arras with 14 divisions; 2,685 guns (vs 1,429 German pieces) and 16 tanks before dawn at 0345 hours with few Third Army gains although Canadians (1,259 casualties) storm Fresnoy, capturing 500 PoWs.
Artois – Battle of Bullecourt (until May 17): 6 British­-Australian divisions with 12 tanks of Fifth Army break into strongly fortified village 14 miles west of Cambrai and break through Hindenburg Line switch at Queant.
Aisne: Colonial division and 2 French infantry regiments (21st Division) affected by mutinies (until May 4).


France: Anglo-French Paris War Conference (until May 5).
USA: US loans Italy $100 million, France also on May 8 and Russia on May 16.


Brazil: Foreign Minister Müller resigns as German name hampers his neutral policy.

Home Fronts

Russia: First demonstration against Provisional Government, Foreign Minister Miliukov defends policy to Petrograd crowds. Provisional Governments just wins Petrograd Soviet confidence vote (on May 4).

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