Diary November 14, 1918

Hetman Pavel Skovopadski
Hetman Pavel Skoropadski.
World War One Diary for Thursday, November 14, 1918:

Eastern Front

Ukraine: Hetman Skoropadski tries to change sides, but Denikin and Whites reject offer. General Petlyura rebels vs Ukrainian Government.


INDEPENDENT CZECHOSLO­VAK REPUBLIC declared at Prague with Masaryk elected President, Dr Kramarzh Prime Minister.

Western Front

France: Retiring Germans blow up munition dump at Jamioulx, south of Namur. Foch warns OHL such acts must cease. ­Day of projected but now unnecessary 26-division Franco­-American Lorraine (Castelnau) offensive with 2,456 guns and c.600 tanks vs 6 German divisions.


HOSTILITIES CEASE: Lettow meets British Province Commis­sioner on river Chambezi, hands acceptance telegram for Kaiser; British PoWs released.

Sea War

Irish Sea: Cruiser Cochrane runs aground in Mersey, becomes total loss.

Supremacy 1914


Holland: Interned Royal Navy Division members sail home.

Home Fronts

Germany: Grand Dukes of Baden, Anhalt (November 12), Saxe­-Coburg and Mecklenburg abdicate. Bundesrat ordered to continue functions.
USA­: Wheat substitute bread regulations suspended.
Britain: Labour Conference decides to leave war coalition and issues Labour programme.

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