Diary November 16, 1916

Albatros D I fighter
Captured Albatros D I fighter.
World War One Diary for Thursday, November 16, 1916:

Air War

Britain: Haig asks for an extra 20 fighter squadrons for 1917. RFC capture first Albatros D1 fighter, forced down by a BE2. Somme: RFC helps knock out at least 10 German artillery guns (65 batteries engaged), destroys 3 German aircraft; 6 Martinsydes bomb Hirson station (Belgium). German night raid destroys 21 French aircraft at Cachy, 90 miles away.
Arabia: 6 No 14 Squadron RFC aircraft land at Rabegh to support Arabs; airfield built.

Western Front

France: Each BEF army forms anti-aircraft group under one commander with 36-64 guns each (until November 27).
Battle of the Somme: British advance east of Beaucourt but lose some ground east of Butte de Warlencourt.

Eastern Front

Germany: First of 11 German armoured car MG platoons formed, mainly for Eastern Front.


Greece: Allies demand dismissal of Central Powers Ministers and surrender of war material.

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