Diary November 17, 1917

Battlecruiser 'Glorious'
Battlecruiser ‘Glorious’ pictured by an aircraft.
World War One Diary for Saturday, November 17, 1917:

Sea War

North Sea – Last cruiser action off Heligoland: Vice-Admiral T Napier’s battlecruisers Glorious, Courageous and Repulse, 8 cruisers and 10 destroyers chase 4 German light cruisers, which were covering and smokescreening minesweep­ers, for 2 hours and firing 147 15-inch shells until battleships Kaiser and Kaiserin appear and dense fog intervenes. Germans suffer 7 hits, Admiral Reuter’s flagship cruiser Koenigsberg II (31 casualties) hit by Repulse; Pillau hit by Courageous. Royal Navy ships suffer 5 hits including cruisers Caledon and Calypso hit (Captain H L Edwards killed).
East Atlantic­ – First US Navy U-boat kill: convoy escort destroyers Fanning and Nicholson sink U-58 off Milford Haven.
Russia: Pro-Soviet Captain Modest V Ivanov made assistant Navy Minister. Lenin saw him on November 14. Supreme Naval Board formed on November 20.

Home Fronts

Russia: 5 Pro-Socialist Co­operation Bolshevik leaders leave Central committee after Lenin speech. Trotsky takes over empty Foreign Ministry. Tsaritsyn (later Stalingrad) goes Bolshevik.
USA: Film The Zeppelin’s Last Raid showing.


East Africa: KAR and Nigerians troops (last 38 casualties) win fight at Lutshemi despite 2 disabled guns. Lettow at Newala picks his force to invade Portuguese East Africa.

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