Diary November 17, 1918

Nationalist demonstration in Rome to annex Fiume
Nationalist demonstration in Rome to annex Fiume for Italy. Although the city had a majority Italian population, it was originally to remain part of Austria-Hungary. However, the dissolution of the Habsburg Monarchy changed the situation.
World War One Diary for Sunday, November 17, 1918:


Yugoslavia: Yugoslav National Council at Agram protests vs Italy occupying Fiume (but General Grazuli ‘persuades’ Serb troops to evacuate on November 19). Serb Government formed at Paris, Pasic Prime Minister.

Western Front

ALLIED ARMIES OF OCCUPA­TION (40 divisions) BEGINS MARCH EASTWARD FROM ARMISTICE LINE TO RHINE in North-South order: Belgian Army, BEF Second Army (Plumer), British Fourth Army (Rawlinson), US Third Army (Dickman), French Tenth Army (Mangin), French Eighth Army (Gerard), French Fourth Army (Gouraud), French Second Army (Hirschauer). Latter reoccupies Mulhouse. Foch tribute calls BEF ‘decisive factor in final German defeat’.

Eastern Front

South Russia: Crimean Tartar Govt yields to Provision Government at Sevastopol. Stalin appointed to Ukraine Front in Kursk area.
Trans-Caspia: White Government asks British for £ 1 million plus £130,000 per month, given 5 million roubles on December 9.

Middle East

Turkey: German Asia Corps interned at Haida Pasha, Hadikoi and Prinkipo.
Azerbaijan: 2,000 British troops (39th Brigade from Enzeli) and Bicherakov reoccupy Baku from 30 ships.

Home Fronts

USA: Flu deaths exceed 53,000 war killed in action losses.

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