Diary November 16, 1943

German paratroopers for Leros
German paratroopers who were involved in the conquest of Leros from Crete with Ju 52‘s. (German Federal Archives, Picture 101I-527-2348-21 / Bauer / CC-BY-SA 3.0)
WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, November 16, 1943:

Sea War

Mediterranean: Germans gain control of Leros

Air War

Scandinavia: B-17 Fortress and B-24 Liberator bombers attack Knaben molybdenum mines and Norsk Hydro power station, Norway.

Occupied Territories

Lebanon: General Catroux arrives in Beirut with full powers to settle constitutional crisis (French reinstate President Khoury, and recall General Helleu, November 22).

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