Diary November 21, 1918

surrender of the German High Seas Fleet
The surrender of the German High Seas Fleet.
World War One Diary for Thursday, November 21, 1918:

Sea War

SURRENDER OF GERMAN FLEET TO GRAND FLEET off Firth of Forth; 9 battleships, 5 battlecruisers, 7 cruisers, and 49 destroyers escorted in (taken to Scapa Flow on November 24).

Western Front

BELGIAN GOVERNMENT REINSTATED AT BRUSSELS. BEF occupies Namur. Hindenburg cables government any renewal of war impossible even vs French Army alone.

Home Fronts

USA: Wilson signs Wartime Prohibition Act, forbids liquor manufacture from May 1 and sale from June 30, 1919. McAdoo resigns as Treasury Secretary and Railway Director-General.
Britain: Food Controller Klynes resigns due to Labour Party policy. Termina­tion of War Act empowers King­-in-Council to fix official dates. Munitions Act 1919 empowers Minister to divert production to peace purposes (November 11 wages to be paid for 6 months).
Belgium: War Minister General de Ceuninck resigns, Masson succeeds. King appoints Adolphe Max as minister of state.

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