Diary November 23, 1917

Zeppelin L59
L59 was in August 1917 the first one of a new class of Zeppelins which represented the latest design techniques and established a pattern that was to persist for almost a year.
World War One Diary for Froday, November 23, 1917:


East Africa: Zeppelin L59 (left Jamboli, Bulgaria on November 21 with 15t supplies including 30 MGs after vain attempts on November 13 and 16) turns back west of Khartoum during 95-hour-non-stop flight due to British message in German cipher from Newala radio station. Returns to base after record 4,200-mile flight.

Western Front

Cambrai – Battle of Bourlon Wood (until November 28): British 40th Division attack, with 62 tanks (16 lost, 5 to German anti-aircraft guns) and 432 guns vs 200 German guns, reaches crest but fails to reach village. Byng promoted general.

Air War

Cambrai: German lorry­-mounted flak guns stiffen defence of Fontaine. 50 Royal Flying Corps aircraft (15 wrecked) support BEF ground attack, but Richthofen now in command of sector and shoots down DH5 in Bourion Wood. 3 RFC day bomber squadrons attack six targets.


Russia: Trotsky begins publishing Allied secret treaties in Izvestia.

Home Fronts

Russia: All class distinc­tions and civil ranks abolished.
Britain: Ship-building Council appointed. Church bells ring for ‘Cambrai victory’.

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