Diary November 23, 1942

Shells are exploding in the streets of Leningrad.
Shells are exploding in the streets of Leningrad.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, November 23, 1942:

Eastern Front

Siege of Leningrad: German heavy artillery and bombers in action before dawn. 50,000 shells hit the city during 1942; shelling takes place on 254 days.


Western Desert: Rommel evacuates Agedabia.

Air War

Southeast Asia: American aircraft dive-bomb bridge at Hankow and hit Canton airfield; RAF Wellington bombers attacking Meiktila airfield (Burma), starting large fires. Japanese night raid on Kweilin – US air base in southwest China.

Occupied Territories

France: Dakar – vital base in French West Africa – comes under Allied control following decision of Governor-General Boisson to abandon his former allegiance to Vichy.

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