Diary November 25, 1917

exchange trade between the trenches
After the ceasefire offer of the Russian revolutionary government, lively exchange trade begins between the trenches.
World War One Diary for Saturday, November 25, 1917:

Eastern Front

Western Russia: Fraternization near Baranovichi. At Orsha railway junction anti-Bolshevik troops going for Moscow are stopped.

Home Fronts

Russia – Constituent Assembly elections (until November 27): Bolsheviks win only 25% of vote, ie 9.8 million of 36 million with 225 delegates to 420 Socialists (20.75 million votes). Last free elections till 1989.
Hungary: 100,000 workers march in Budapest for peace and Russian Revolution.

Western Front

Cambrai: German counter­-attacks at Bourlon, British 40th Division loss now 4,000 men since November 23, only 12 tanks in action.
Verdun: French take 800 PoWs in Samogneux sector, success near Hill 344 on November 27.


Mocambique: Lettow crosses river Rovuma at Ngomano into Portuguese East Africa 1 mile from Portuguese fort with 2,000 troops; 3,000 porters and 1 gun until November 26. His attack takes the fort, 700 Portuguese, 6 MGs, 30 horses with 6 days’ rations.

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