Diary November 25, 1943

B-26 Marauders bomb targets in Western Europe
US B-26 Marauders bomb targets in Western Europe at the end of 1943.
WW2 War Diary for Thursday, November 25, 1943:

Air War

Western Europe: US planes attack 2 airfields near St Orner. RAF light bombers and fighters attack numerous targets in North France. Germany: Halifax night bombers raid Frankfurt and Offenbach; Goethe’s house badly damaged (18 aircraft lost in all operations).
Pacific: 14th USAAF destroy 42 Japanese planes on Schinchiku airfield (Formosa).

Far East
China: Japanese enter Changteh, Hunan Province (expel Chinese December 3).

Sea War

Pacific – Battle of Cape St George (night November 25-26): US destroyers annihilate Japanese destroyer squadron carrying reinforcements to Bougainville.

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