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Diary November 4, 1942

General Thoma  meets Montgomery
General Thoma (right), briefly at the beginning of the battle of Alamein commander of the Panzerarmee Afrika, allowed deliberately to capture himself on this day. Here he meets the unmilitary-casually dressed Montgomery (left).
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, November 4, 1942:

Air War

North Africa: Allied bombers and fighter-bombers wreak havoc among hordes of German and Italian vehicles and infantry retreating westwards from Alamein. After a single (abortive) Stuka raid, the Axis air forces remain inactive on their bomb-cratered airstrips.

Secret War

Britain: British Merchant Seaman Duncan Scott-Ford, who admitted taking £18 from a Nazi agent in Lisbon, Portugal, hanged at Wandsworth Prison, London, after secret Old Bailey trial under 1940 Treachery Act.

[tableX caption=”Second Alamein Losses ” colwidth=”20|20|20|20|20″ colalign=”left|center|center|center|center”]
, Soldiers, Tanks, Guns, Planes
British 8th Army , “13,560 (inc. 2,350 dead, 2,260 missing)”, 500, 110, 97
Axis Panzerarmee Afrika , “55,000 (25,000 dead and wounded; 30,000 PoWs-inc 10,724 Germans)”, 320, “1,000”, 84

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