Diary October 17, 1915

Russian infantry charge
Russian infantry charge – five already casulaties.
Diary for Sunday, October 17, 1915:

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: German Eighth Army active about Jacobstadt and Mitau (October 19); captures Dvina bank east of Riga (October 20).
Western Russia: Russian attacks south of Dvinsk (and on October 23).

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Austrian Third Army takes Arda Ridge south of Belgrade.

African Fronts

Cameroons: Nigerian company takes Kentu close to border, but repulsed from hill to south on October 20.

Sea War

Italy: First of 9 rail­-transportable midget subma­rines launched at La Spezia for harbour defence (until November 25, 1916) but not successful, struck off Navy List 1918-19.


Britain offers Greece Cyprus if she aids Serbia, but offer refused on October 20.

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