Diary October 18, 1917

This destroyer is needed to sink Hun submarines
‘This destroyer is needed to sink Hun submarines’ reads the sign on the right. This US destroyer was built in 17 days.
World War One Diary for Thursday, October 18, 1917:

Home Fronts

USA: Navy Secretary Daniels calls Liberty loan U-boat (on display New York) ‘this stiletto of modern warfare’; 58 enemy aliens arrested at Hoboken Docks NJ. Hoover launches lower food price campaign.
Russia: ­Kerensky decides to move capital to Moscow. Kuban Cossack Rada declares republic.

Eastern Front

Russia: War Minister proposes 2.5 million reduction in Army to improve moral; all politics to cease after elections from November 15. 43,000 out of 210,000 Russian officers unemployed but still 121 Austro-German divisions on Eastern Front.
Baltic Provinces: Russians evacuate Moon island; Germans claim 5,000 PoWs.

Western Front

France: Haig and Petain meet at Amiens, former agrees by November 2 to extend BEF line to Oise.
Aisne: French repulse attack on Vauclere Plateau, west of Craonne.


East Africa: Harnorce KAR and Gold Coast Regiment with 2 armoured cars just hold Major Kraut’s counter-attack at Lukuledi Mission and occupy it on October 19.

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