Diary October 2, 1943

German tank unit equipped with Panzer III 1943
German tank unit equipped with Panzer III moving into the new defence line Rudnia-Kritschev west of Smolensk.
WW2 War Diary for Saturday, October 2, 1943:

Eastern Front

Central Sector: Great Russian Smolensk offensive grinds to a stop, midway between that city and Vitebsk-Orsha.


Italy: 5th US Army captures Benevento, northeast of Naples.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Royal Marine Commandos, supported by tanks, make surprise night landing at Termoli, north of Manfredonia; commander of German garrison, Major Rou, captured in bed.
T-5 acoustic torpedoes employed by U-boats off Algeria and Salerno: US destroyers Bristol and Buck sunk.
Baltic: German shipping comes under increasing attack from Russian torpedo planes.


New Guinea: Australians capture Finschhafen.

Air War

Germany: 240 RAF bombers attacking Hagen and dropping 1,103t of bombs. 273 RAF bombers attacking Munich and dropping 958t of bombs.

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