Diary October 22, 1917

Austrian 'Sturmpatrouille
Officers and NCOs of an Austrian ‘Sturmpatrouille’, waiting to strike on the Italian Front.
World War One Diary for Monday, October 22, 1917:

Southern Fronts

Dolomites: Italians repulse strong Austro-German attack.
Isonzo: German Fourteenth Army now in start positions. Tapped telephone warns Italians of artillery barrage from 0200 hours on October 24.

Western Front

Flanders: Anglo-French advance astride Ypres-Staden railway on 2 1/2-mile front, 200 PoWs from south end of Houthulst Forest (Germans regain part on October 23, but repulsed on October 24).

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Falkenhayn orders Turk XVIII Corps (4000­-6000 soldiers) south from Tikrit west of Tigris but soon retreats before General Cobbe on October 23, whom Maude orders on October 28 to attack Turk position 12 miles south of Tikrit.

Air War

Ypres: 2 Sopwith Camel fighters of No 45 Squadron scatter 2 German battalions on Staden-Houthulst road.

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