Diary October 22, 1942

Vichy-French generals Nogues (left) and Juin
The Vichy-French generals Nogues (left) and Juin in Algiers 1942. Juin was a strong supporter of the Allied case.
WW2 War Diary for Thursday, October 22, 1942:

Secret War

Northwest Africa: Lieutenant-General Mark Clark lands on North African coast from British sub Seraph and contacts pro-Allied French Officers (night October 22-23).

Air War

Mediterranean: RAF launches series of DEVASTATING RAIDS ON THE TURIN-MILAN-GENOA ‘TRIANGLE’ (Italian equivalent of the German ‘Ruhr’) with night attack by 100 Lancaster bombers on Genoa. 6 heavy night raids on Genoa and 7 on Turin by year’s end. Both industrial production and civilian morale affected.

Eastern Front

Siege of Leningrad: Germans make unsuccessful assault on Suho Island in Lake Ladoga.

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