Diary October 26, 1916

Destroyers of German High Seas Fleet in the North Sea.
Destroyers of German High Seas Fleet in the North Sea.
World War One Diary for Thursday, October 26, 1941:

Sea War

Channel: 11 German destroyers (Captain Michelsen) from Zeebrugge raid in Dover Straits (night October 26-27). 24 German ships transferred from High Seas Fleet (October 23) to aid U­-boat passage of the Straits. 7 net barrage drifters and 2 destroyers sunk for no loss despite Dover Patrol‘s 18 alerted destroyers (6 ‘Tribals’ from Dover briefly engage). British destroyer Zulu mined, sister ship Nubian torpedoed (Nubian undamaged bow section and Zulu stern section salvaged and mated to create unique HMS Zubian; she sinks UC-50 (February 4, 1918). Bethmann informs German High command question of unrestricted U-boat warfare exclusively Kaiser’s concern as C-in-C.

Eastern Front

Rumania – Tirgu Jiu: Rumanian First Army routs lone 11th Bavarian Division (2,000 PoWs and 4 guns captured), pursues until November 2).


USA: Wilson tells Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce ‘I believe that the business of neutrality is over. The nature of modern war leaves no state untouched’.

Home Fronts

Germany: Bethmann visits Pless and opposes military age extension to 60; Groener promoted Lieutenant General to head new War Munitions Office (created November 1).
Britain: £60m New York loan announced. Rumania Flag Day.

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