Diary October 3, 1917

strafed wood
Desolation after the battle – the strafed wood.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, October 3, 1917:

Western Front

Ypres: Battle of Polygon Wood ends.
Champagne­: French guns disrupt German reserves massing for attacks east of Reims.

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: Intense artillery duel in Jakobstadt area.
Bukovina: Russian guns foil attack 7 miles north of Rumanian border.
Rumania: Bulgars attack Rumanians north of river Buzeu mouth.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Russians take Nereman village 50 miles north of Mosul.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Local convoys start, through convoys by October 30, up to three per week from October 15. Indian Cape trade diverted to Port Said for through Mediterranean convoy (first two lose 5 ships, but next four unscathed). Japanese mainly escort troopships.

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