Diary October 31, 1916

 Words of Lenin
The Words of Lenin: Russian soldiers read a Bolshevik newssheet.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, October 31, 1916:

Eastern Front

Russia: Russian Sixth Army censor reports soldiers saying ‘after the war we’ll have to settle accounts with the internal enemy’. Russian losses so far 4,670,000 killed and wounded; 2,078,000 PoWs and over 1 million missing.
Rumania: German Ninth Army losses since September 11: 9,072 men.

Sea War

In October 353,600t Allied and neutral shipping (49 British worth 176,248t with 197 lives, a record so far; including 44 ships or 125,152t to Mediterranean U­-boats.

Air War

Western Front: Allied October losses 88 aircraft plus over 99 RFC personnel. RFC help engage 169 German batteries.

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