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Diary October 4, 1943

US escort carrier 'Card'
US escort carrier ‘Card’ under way. Note that the flight decks of these carriers of the ‘Bogue’ class are completely unobstructed; even the island is sponsored out from the hull.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, October 4, 1943:

Sea War

Atlantic: Planes from US carrier Card sink ‘U-tanker’ U-460 and U-boat U-422 and damage U-264 near Azores. Passing convoy escapes attack.
Arctic – Operation Leader: Planes from USS Ranger hit 10 German ships at Bodo (North Norway). British Home Fleet provides escort.
Britain: Cunningham appointed First Sea Lord.

Occupied Territories

Corsica: End of the campaign on the island, which is now liberated.

Air War

Germany: 501 RAF bombers attacking Kassel and dropping 1,544t of bombs.

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