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Diary September 10, 1916

Exhausted soldiers holding a short sleep
Exhausted soldiers holding a short sleep in the trenches.
Diary for Sunday, September 10, 1916:

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: German counter­-attack fails at Ginchy, British advance east of Guillemont, Rawlinson discusses tanks’ role in forthcoming attack.

Eastern Front

Brusilov Offensive ,Carpathians: Pflanzer-Baltin sacked from Austrian Seventh Army, Kirchbach replaces. Austrians retreat west of the Gyergyo and Czik valley.

Southern Fronts

Salonika: 6 British detachments demonstrate (161 casualties) along river Struma, further cross-river raids on September 15 and 23.

African Fronts

East Africa: British 2nd Division occupies Kidodi and halts with 1,946 of 6,696 men unfit. Belgian Southern Brigade fights at Lulanguru (until September 12) in railway advance on Tabora.

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