Diary September 25, 1916

Tank Mk I at the Somme
A Tank Mk I at the Somme.
Great War Diary for Monday, September 25, 1916:

Western Front

Battle of the SommeBattle of Morval (­until September 28): Allied attack at 1235 hours. British with 2 tanks capture Lesboeufs and Morval and almost surround Combles. Slight French Sixth Army advance at Rancourt (captured), Les Priez Farm and Fregicourt (until September 26).

Air War

Somme: RFC 4th Brigade helps silence 34 German batteries. 1st Brigade (17 aircraft) hits 2 troop trains, Libercourt station (Douai­-Lille main line) and 2nd Brigade Lille station (night September 25-26).
Britain: 6 of 9 Zeppelins drop 127 bombs on Lines, Yorks and Lanes (74 casualties night September 24-25). L31 (Mathy) scouts Portsmouth.


Greece: ­Venizelos and Admiral Koundouri­otis sail for Crete (rebelled September 24) escorted by French torpedo boat; form provisional government (September 29).

Home Fronts

Britain: British Army Council requisitions leather.
Ireland – Easter Rising: ­W B Yeats writes ‘Easter 1916’ poem.

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