Diary September 25, 1917

Shelled village near Ypres
Shelled village near Ypres. In the autumn of 1914 here was fiercely fought, and in 1917 Flanders was a battlefield again.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, September 25, 1917:

Western Front

France: At Boulogne Conference British agree in principle to extending BEF front.
YpresBattle of the Menin Road Ridge ends: Germans penetrate between Tower Hamlets and Polygon Wood, but later retire.

Air War

Britain: 15 Gotha bombers (1 lost) dispatched, 4 reach London.
Mesopotamia: Royal Flying Corps No 63 squadron loses 2 RE8s on first reconnaissance mission from Baghdad to German
aircraft near Tikrit.
Ypres: RFC claims 19 German aircraft for loss of 1 missing.
Belgium: Royal Navy Air Service and Royal Flying Corps attack St Denis Westrem and Gontrode Gotha bases (until October 10) forcing bombers to disperse and use two other airfields.
Adriatic: ­Italians bomb Pola and Olivi Rock submarine base.

Home Fronts

Russia: Lenin writes to Central committee (letter arriving September 27) that armed uprising necessary.
Ireland: Death of Easter Rising rebel T Ashe (rearrested August 14) after forcible feeding in prison.

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