Diary September 4, 1915

Sketches from the western theater of war
Sketches from the western theater of war from the German newspaper ‘Lllustrirten’ of Leipzig.
Diary for Saturday, September 4, 1915:

Western Front

Artillery duels round Arras and north of Chalons.

Eastern Front

Poland: Bugarmee’s Battle of Drohiczyn-Chomst until September 6.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Italian successes in Plezzo basin (Julian Alps) and Trentino. Austrians active.

Sea War

Black Sea: Russians destroy 300 Turk sailing vessels.
North Sea: Royal Navy submarines E18 (Halahan) and E19 (Cromie) sail for Baltic, both get through (September 8­-9) despite brushes with
German cruiser Amazone, destroyers and a Zeppelin.


Britain: Lord Reading’s Anglo-French financial mission leaves London for US, negotiates first £ 100m loan (September 28) but under 40% subscribed.

Home Fronts

Germany: 3rd War Loan opens (until September 22), raises £ 601.5 millions.

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