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Diary September 6, 1940

Operation room of the RAF Fighter Command
The Operation room of the RAF Fighter Command. The womens of the Royal Air Force Service were marking the positions of the enemy planes and the own fighters on a large map.
Diary for Friday, September 6, 1940:

Air War

Battle of Britain (Day 59): Airfield attacks continue; Hawker factory at Weybridge bombed.

Home Fronts

Britain: King and Queen visit RAF Fighter Command HQ at Bentley Priory, Stanmore (Middx.).

Sea War

Atlantic: U-boat U-47 is guided to Convoy SC.2 by U-65 and sinks 3 ships (night 6-7). U-47 sinks fourth ship following night – outwitting escorts equipped with Asdic by attacking on the surface.


Rumania: King Carol abdicates following fascist riots in Bucharest and leaves the country with his mistress, Magda Lupescu. Prince Michael ascends the throne for second time (his wayward father having renounced the succession in 1925 but returned in 1930).
Vichy France: General Weygand quits Government; to command Vichy forces in North Africa.

Secret War

Two German agents – Caroli and Schmidt – land by parachute in Oxon (September 6 and 10); Caroli arrested almost immediately.

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