Diary September 7, 1915

28-cm-Küstenkanone L/21
German 11-inch coastal gun 28-cm-Küstenkanone L/21.
Diary for Tuesday, September 7, 1915:

Sea War

North Sea: Dover Patrol and French bombardment of Ostend with air-spotting, monitor Lord Clive damaged by 5 shells from new Tirpitz Battery (4 x 11-in guns); shelling repeated on September 19 and along Belgian coast from September 25-27 and 30.

Western Front

Champagne: German song­ writer Fritz Jürgens killed, aged 27.

Eastern Front

Western Russia: Germans take Voikovisk.
GaliciaBattle of Tarnopol (until September 16): Russian Ninth and Eleventh Army counter­-offensive on river Sereth and at Trembovia as Austrian First Army enters Dubno. Former takes 17,383 PoWs and 33 guns.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Serbs drive Austrians from positions on Drina and Danube in minor operations.

Middle East

East Persia: 300 British soldiers get to Birjand, join Russians.

African Fronts

North Cameroons: 2nd Allied attack on Mora (until September 9) fails, more efforts abandoned on September 15.

Air War

Britain: Airships LZ74 (George) and SL2 (Wobeser) bomb London (night September 7-8, 46 civilian casualties).

Home Front

Britain: War Policy Committee finds for conscription but 4 members dissent.

Oval@3x 2

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